Solo Leveling Novel

Solo Leveling Novel (, Na Honjaman Lebel-eob) is a story about Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest hunter in the game, and his goal to become the strongest hunter in the game, an S-Rank hunter.

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Solo Leveling Novel

S rank solo leveling

S-Rank Hunters on solo leveling manga are identified by the fact that their mana levels are so high that mana meter technology cannot measure them. Because the vast majority of hunters never achieve that level of power, S-Rank Hunters are extremely rare, with only a few hundred worldwide and a handful per country.

S-Ranks on Solo Leveling novel are highly regarded everywhere they go as a result of this and increased demand, and they often make a lot of money, with Hwang Dongsoo casually remarking that he makes enough money to last three generations. It’s also worth noting that a fight between S-Ranks usually wreaks havoc on the surrounding terrain, and that S-Ranks are so powerful that holding them accountable for their crimes is nearly difficult. how Jinwoo was never charged with murder for killing Dongsoo.

S-Ranks on solo leveling manhwa, on the other hand, do not have a power cap like the lower ranks because their mana levels cannot be assessed. As a result, the power disparities between S-Ranks are the greatest of any rank. Furthermore, unless the power differential between two S-Ranks is really significant, it is nearly impossible to assess their strength precisely. As a result, S-Ranks are rated globally based on their achievements, rather than their raw power or mana levels, as determined by a point system devised by the Federal Bureau of Hunters.

The Solo Leveling Novel series began as an unpublished on February 14, 2014, and ended with 14 volumes and 270 chapters at the time.

Solo Leveling Novel was later published in 2015, then on October 10, 2018, the novel was serialized with all 270 chapters. Every 12 hours.

Sung Jin Woo is a weak E-Rank hunter. He was on the verge of dying in a dungeon, yet there was a silver lining in the darkest hour!

Solo Leveling Novel

E-Rank hunter

In Solo leveling novel the E rank is the weakest and S is the strongest

Solo leveling Ranks

The seven degrees of rank correlate to each letter of the alphabet, with E being the weakest and S being the strongest. A hunter’s rank, as stated several times during the story, very much controls everything about them: their income, guild, reputations, and so on. Even after years of physical training, inequalities in rank are difficult to overcome, and the power disparity between ranks can be significant, since B-Ranks readily outnumber C-Ranks, and S-Ranks are tenfold more powerful than A-Ranks.

Naturally, in solo leveling novel as one’s level rises, the quantity of accessible hunters decreases. As a result, E-Ranks are seen as disposable and receive extremely minimal pay, whereas S-Ranks, particularly the most strong ones, are highly regarded and often earn a lot of money.

Solo leveling Volumes

Solo leveling novel has 14 volumes

  • Volume 1: 1 ~ 22
  • Volume 2: 22 ~ 45
  • Volume 3: 46 ~ 64
  • Volume 4: 65 ~ 82
  • Volume 5: 83 ~ 101
  • Volume 6: 102 ~ 119
  • Volume 7: 120 ~ 138
  • Volume 8: 139 ~ 155
  • Volume 9: 156 ~ 174
  • Volume 10: 175 ~ 192
  • Volume 11: 193 ~ 211
  • Volume 12: 211 ~ 228
  • Volume 13: 229 ~ 248
  • Volume 14: 249 ~ 270

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